Our Partner

Precious Pet Supplies is an online pet supply store, which makes it easier for pet owners to find and buy great quality products for their pets. Without the cost of maintaining a physical store… the savings are passed on to you, the customer.

Sourcing the best pet supplies from around the world takes time. Unfortunately, there are numerous pet supply businesses who are keen to sell poor quality products at discount prices for a quick profit. These businesses put your pet in danger of injury or even worse!

Precious Pet Supplies was founded by Glenda Snow, when she became frustrated with the amount of poor quality pet products on the market. She was raised in country New South Wales, Australia and grew up with many different animals as pets. Her love of animals lead her to becoming a Vet Nurse, where she witnessed the horrific injuries pets sustained from “dodgy” pet accessories.

A champion of pets of all kinds, shapes and sizes, Glenda Snow is determined to provide pet owners with high quality pet supplies at reasonable prices… not low quality pet supplies at heavily discounted prices, which can be found everywhere!

When you know what Glenda Snow knows about pet supplies and the dangers the wrong one exposes your pet to… as a pet lover you would never buy a “cheap” product ever again!

Precious Pet Supplies cares about pets …Because Your Pets Are Family!