Digital Cameras and Negative Film Cameras

Digital cameras have all but replaced the old negative film cameras, right? Many people believe buying film is as outdated as buying corded phones that plug into the walls, but just like many people do still use corded phones many photographers’ still use cameras that require actual film. If you’re interested in photography or even want to do it on a more professional level, it’s worth comparing the two media to see what is best for creating innovative products like canvas prints or perhaps a photobook.

The big difference between digital prints and film prints is the amount of knowledge and time required to get a good print. With a digital camera you can snap as many pictures as you want and then dig through them later to pull out the great shots. You have to really focus on getting the right prints while taking fewer shots with film, since there is an actual end to the film where a new roll will be needed.


Digital prints can be sent in for printing through the computer or even printed from your own home, but printing your own prints from film requires more knowledge, a dark room, and a lot more time. The easiest way to get prints from a roll of film is to take it to a store offering developing services, but then you are at the mercy of whoever may be doing the developing to get the best prints. In most cases their best won’t meet your expectations for your prints. You can see how that would affect the quality of other products being made with your prints.

Finally, there is a lot involved with taking pictures from film. It is much easier and faster to set up a digital camera to take great shots, so only a select group of professional photographers go with film these days.

Digital pictures are easily uploaded online to create a variety of great items, including: Photobook, Canvas Prints, Greeting Cards, Mugs, Calendars.

Not only are these items fun to decorate your own home with, but they make great gifts. Imagine handing grandma a nicely designed photobook packed with images of her with the grandkids over the years. It’s very similar to making a scrapbook, except a photobook from a service like Photobox will be professionally made and perfectly bound. You can even select from different designs so it comes out just as you pictured it!


Canvas prints from digital images is actually an amazing process. This could not be done easily from film prints, but when you send high quality digital images to online services they can create beautiful prints on canvas which can be framed and presented as artwork in your home. Imagine your best pictures hanging beautifully from your living room wall.

Digitial photography is more popular today not only because it is so convenient, but because you can do so much with it. You can’t have your film prints turned into a photobook filled with special memories or into canvas prints to adorn the walls of your home. This is why digital photography is becoming the definition of photography in the minds of many people.

Film still has its place in the world for photographers who know how to get beautiful prints and do the developing for themselves, but for most of us sending digital prints to be turned into works of art is a more attractive option.

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