Nature and Animal Photography

I’ve always been a major animal lover and enjoyed taking photos, but more recently have developed a passion specifically for animal photography.

Coincidentally… or not… my love of animal photography started around the same time I got my first Golden Retriever puppy. A year later, I adopted a 2nd Golden, bought my first DSLR camera and suddenly my memory cards were filled to the max with photos of my 2 goofy dogs.

Can you blame me? Look how cute they are! It is very easy to photograph dogs because they can easily mimic your emotions based on your voice tone and body language.


Over time I have, on occasion, pointed my lens at other animals besides my own, and this website was born.

Animals, and dogs in particular, are so fun to photograph. They are silly, have their own unique fun personalities, and always have a great time no matter what.

Whether they are just sitting pretty hamming it up for the camera (like my blond dog, Mr Poser!) or happily running around and playing with their toys, I always find myself looking through the images and smiling!

I guess the #1 reason why I love to photograph animals is that I just truly love them. And because my city ordinances (and my very patient fiancĂ©) won’t allow me to have my own personal zoo, I live vicariously through my photos. By taking photos of your puppies and kitties, I get to fill the spot in my heart that wants to meet and be close to as many wonderful animals as I can. I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I do!

Blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) with pollen around beak from feeding on willow flowers, Marshwood Vale, Dorset, England, April

Whether you are looking for a new photo of your family (human AND furries!) for your holiday cards or display in your home or just want some beautiful photos of your furry friends to treasure, I will capture them looking their best and happiest. I specialize in candid shots in natural lighting at any of the gorgeous locations around Melbourne. Feel free to contact me using the form on my website and I will do my best to answer all your questions and inquiries in 25 hours or less.

Horse Photography

Perhaps one of my favourite animals to photograph are horses with one of my previous businesses being horse racing photography.

Below is one of my favourite racing photos of last years Melbourne Cup winner Almandin.

Almandin,The Bart Cummings,Group 3_02-10-2016_WIN_Flemington_5__529

There is just something about photographing these magnificent animals going at full speed against each other.

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